The most powerful thing a teacher can do is to become a student of their own practice, continually monitoring, and evaluating their effect on student learning. ~Hattie (2017)

SaskMATH Compelling Why

Because we believe

  • high quality, data-driven, culturally appropriate, and student responsive math instruction is key to the life-long success of all children in Saskatchewan;
  • all children can do math with respect to their personal experiences and needs; and
  • engaging, effective, research-based, and culturally appropriate resources aid instructional decisions,

…we will develop a SaskMATH resource to support high quality math instruction.

SaskMath Mission

Our mission is to develop a SaskMATH web and print resource to support high quality math instruction and assessment that will include First Nations Ways of Knowing, and will be available in both official languages. This resource will support everyone – classroom teachers, administrators, parents and caregivers, community partners, school division leaders, directors, school boards, and provincial policy-makers.

SaskMath Vision

As a result of the work of implementing this focus, across Saskatchewan…

  1. WE will have students who have benefitted in their own way from high quality instruction and formative assessment, as evidenced by the data. 
  2. WE will have consistency and uniformity in the quality of instruction that will close achievement gaps province-wide where students have the critical thinking skills needed to be successful.
  3. WE will have students and teachers* who will have a deep level of understanding of math. We will have confident math learners. (*instructional practices)
  4. WE will have students who enjoy, do and understand math, which will lead to confidence, ability, and a growth mindset as they use their knowledge and skill set beyond the classroom.
  5. WE will have students at all levels working at their appropriate proficiency level as they work towards their mathematical potential.
  6. WE will have confident educational leaders in math through collaboration, best practise, resource development, immersion and actualization of curricula. It will result in engaged, confident learners. The data will show growth. 
  7. WE will have teachers who are confident in instructional strategies which meet students where they are, to achieve curricular outcomes.
  8. WE will have teachers attending and engaging in regular, high-quality professional development resulting in more confident teachers and, ultimately, more successful students in Saskatchewan.
  9. WE will have  engaging, research-based, culturally-responsive spaces for mathematics instruction.
  10. WE will have engaged students that have a sense of self-efficacy that builds persistence through effective instruction as a response to assessment data. Students will gain proficiency and mastery to become mathematically savvy literate citizens.