Exit Slips


Exit slips are student responses, usually in written format, that provide a quick, informal formative assessment. A teacher may pose a question or ask for a response to a comment, and allow students to express their thinking, understanding, or any further questions. This formative assessment tool allows teachers to adapt instruction to meet the needs of the class and/or the needs of the individual student.

Just as in other subject areas, mathematics exit slips may be prompts that:

  • document learning (One thing I learned today was…);
  • emphasize the process of learning ( One question I have about today’s lesson…); or,
  • check on understanding of content (Try this order of operations question, and record any parts that were difficult or questions you have…).


Below are two examples – one that is content specific and would be most suitable for early elementary, and another more generic example that would be used by older students.

Further reading/Professional resources:

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