Assessment FOR, AS, and OF Learning1

  • Assessment FOR learning (formative assessment) involves the use of information about student progress to support and improve student learning, inform instructional practices, and:
  • is teacher-driven for student, teacher, and parent use;
  • occurs throughout the teaching and learning process, using a variety of tools; and
  • engages teachers in providing differentiated instruction, feedback to students to enhance their learning, and information to families in support of learning.
  • Assessment AS learning (formative assessment) actively involves student reflection on learning, monitoring of his/her own progress, and:
  • supports students in critically analyzing learning related to curricular outcomes;
  • is student-driven with teacher guidance; and
  • occurs throughout the learning process.

Assessment FOR and AS learning may address students’ mathematical mindsets as this is a factor that impacts learning.

  • Assessment OF learning (formative assessment) involves teachers’ use of evidence of student learning to make judgements about student achievement and
  • provides opportunity to report evidence of achievement related to curricular outcomes;
  • occurs at the end of a learning cycle using a variety of tools;
  • provides the foundation for discussions on placement or promotion. Evaluation compares assessment information against criteria based on curriculum outcomes for the purpose of communicating to students, teachers, families/caregivers, and others about student progress; and to make informed decisions about the teaching and learning process.

1Saskatchewan Ministry of Education. (2009). Mathematics 9. (pp. 39-40)

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