Message from the Outcome Owner


The SaskMATH web and print resource is the culmination  of professional collaboration, planning, and expertise compiled into what we expect will be a model for highly effective pedagogy and assessment that will be widely utilized by teachers and leaders in Saskatchewan and beyond.

On behalf of myself and the secondary owners of this outcome, I want to thank our outstanding team of educators and leaders from across Saskatchewan and Canada, who have  supported, created, and worked tirelessly to develop SaskMATH.  Our goal with SaskMATH has been to support high quality pedagogy and practices in our sector in both official languages. I truly believe this resource will support educators in delivering highly effective mathematics instruction and assessment. The importance of honouring Indigenous Ways of Knowing has been highly considered and is clearly woven throughout the resource, providing an excellent guide that is unique to the Saskatchewan context and will result in important changes in the ways that we meet the learning needs of all of our students, including our Indigenous learners.

In spite of the challenges faced by our sector, our team envisioned the impact of this innovation and found effective ways to navigate the pandemic, remaining steadfastly committed to the completion of this work. We trust SaskMATH will be an invaluable tool for teachers that will reach all corners of our province for many years to come. We believe that this resource will be one of the essential tools in our teachers’ toolboxes to help students reach their potential in the  K-12 sector.

Kevin C. Garinger, Outcome Owner

Director of Education for Horizon School Division #205