Welcome to SaskMATH. We hope you find this resource useful in whatever role you are in. We are very excited to have launched this site for Saskatchewan Educators. The diagram below outlines the structure and processes for this outcome.

This initiative originates with the Provincial Leadership Team (Saskatchewan) and is part of the Math Outcome. It is intended to support teachers and leaders of mathematics in Saskatchewan by providing a framework of understanding around high quality instruction and assessment practices in Math.

SaskMATH opens the opportunity to all students to know and appreciate Indigenous Ways of Knowing. I like the phrase used “coming to know” – everybody benefits from “coming to know Mathematics” and “coming to know Indigenous Ways of Knowing”. (Myrna Tuner, Cultural Coordinator for Muskoday First Nation Community School)

This resource follows the Essentials of Math Instruction as the foundation with each component contributing to the cohesive whole. It represents the implementation of the Inspiring Success: First Nations and Métis PreK-12 Education Policy Framework1 document as it applies to mathematics with Indigenous Connections highlighted throughout each section in addition to one area dedicated to Indigenous Ways of Knowing in math. It is envisioned that through this important component, all students will benefit.

1Ministry of Education, Sk. (2018). First Nations and Métis Education | Saskatchewan Education and Learning | Government of Saskatchewan. Retrieved 21 July 2020, from https://www.saskatchewan.ca/residents/education-and-learning/first-nations-and-metis-education#inspiring-success