A note about “spaced practice”:

Teachers may assign more tasks that are not necessarily evaluated but are intended to consolidate learning. This ensures that concepts are not taught in isolation, memorized and then forgotten. Evidence-based practice would assume that the student is able to demonstrate their understanding at any point in time. Spaced practice enables consolidation of learning. Key outcomes are revisited throughout the year. Spaced practice may also provide multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate understanding over time.

Quality, balanced assessment is the goal, keeping in mind the importance of holistic assessment (gathering data from multiple perspectives), triangulation of data, and the importance of cultural relevance.

“Having a myriad of marks in the marks book is not necessarily a desirable objective.”1

1Alberta Assessment Consortium. (n.d.) Collecting Evidence of Learning. Retrieved 9 July, 2020. https://aac.ab.ca/hot-topics/communicating-and-reporting/collecting-evidence-of-learning/.

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