Digital Tools

Digital tools can be an engaging way to demonstrate many concepts for students in math. Many digital tools provide visualizations for students that may otherwise be difficult for teachers to demonstrate.

There are many digital tools currently in existence covering nearly all math topics that are free for teachers to access and use.

Be sure to consult with your school division’s math contact regarding any specific math software to which you may already have access through your division.


(This list is representative. It is neither an exhaustive list nor a deliberately curated list.)

Teacher tools

  • Equatio (not free for students)
  • Google Read & Write
  • ExamView (contact division math consultant)

Teacher Resources (all digital)

  • Mathology
  • MathUp

 Other Digital Tools

 Searching for Tools:

When seeking digital tools for your math lessons, try search terms such as:

  • “<your concept> interactive”, or
  • “<your concept> simulation”.

Math Apps:

 This list of apps was compiled by GSCS

Calculators in the Classroom