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Inspiring Your Child to Learn and Love Math

This Parent Tool Kit was developed by experts in mathematics education, with input and advice from parents and students. When families and educators join forces, students of all ages can experience greater success in their learning.


This material has been designed and prepared by the Council of Ontario Directors of Education.

Supporting a Growth Mindset for Kids! This short presentation on supporting a growth mindset for kids in math (and all subjects) shares the difference between a fixed and growth mindset and features Carl Dweck, Jo Boaler, and Batman!

Building Math Success Parent Pamphlets

Ministry of Education for Saskatchewan – parent pamphlets. Ideas on how parents can support students in math for grades 1 – 9. 


Includes a curriculum overview and suggestions about how to support learning at home. (Some online links are provided as well for additional learning and practice.)

Care as a Bridge Between Us:  Living a Philosophy and Pedagogy of Parent and Teacher Engagement This nine-part video series on Parent Engagement is offered to guide educators in supporting their journey to walk alongside children and families.  Dr. Debbie Pushor from the College of Education, University of Saskatchewan led the development of this video series along with the Parent Engagement Collaborative 3. This resource also has an accompanying Facilitation Guide to support implementation and easy access.
Find and Talk About Math in Picture Books  What parents can do for their earliest learners to support numeracy thinking and wonders about the world of math.
School Event Engages Families in Early Math Learning How schools can engage families and communities in Math.
Help Me Talk About Math

Help Me Talk About Math (HMTAM) is a holistic development and assessment tool for Grade One students that has been piloted in both provincial and First Nation schools. HMTAM measures the growth of students against themselves, not their classmates.


Part of the program involves surveying people who are close to the student, which links the holistic nature of the data. Parents, teachers and Elders receive results and information so that learning activities can take place at home and in the classroom to help promote the ongoing development of numeracy skills in children.

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