Outcome Assessments


Saskatchewan mathematics outcomes are assessed by educators using a balanced approach and through the triangulation of data. The Saskatchewan math curricula are organized by outcome, and, in many cases, student progress is reported by outcome. How educators assess the outcomes, either individually or in combination, is a professional decision.

To assist teachers in assessing outcomes, sample outcome assessment questions in both English and French have been developed provincially. While this project is still in process, the goal is to have sample questions for all Grade 1 – 9 mathematics outcomes completed within the 2020-21 school year. The following resources can be used as presented, or can be adapted. The examples below show the first page of a Grade 3 Number strand outcome resource and the first page of a Grade 9 Shape and Space outcome resource.

Sample Math Outcome Questions: An Assessment Resource for Teachers is a resource that:

  • provides possible questions, sample responses, and rubrics for classroom instruction and assessment;
  • is an optional tool for teachers;
  • was created to support the teaching and learning of mathematics;
  • can be adapted by teachers to meet the individual needs of their students;
  • can be used before, during, and/or after classroom instruction as formative or summative assessment(s); and
  • is designed to elicit responses that inform teachers’ understanding of the skills and concepts that students need to know, understand and are able to do.

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