Representing Middle Years Examples


 The concept of a fraction being a part of a whole can be represented in a variety of ways.

N6.7 – Extend understanding of fractions to improper fractions and mixed numbers. [CN, ME, R, V] (SK Curriculum)

  • Symbolically
    • 2 ¾
    • 11/4
  • Orally/written
    • two and three quarters or two and three fourths
    • eleven quarters or eleven fourths
    • out of three pies, two whole pies were eaten and three quarters of the third pie
  • Pictorially

  • Concretely
    • using manipulatives, such as fraction rods/circles, pattern blocks, counters (where four are considered a whole)
    • using money ($2.75 as two loonies and three quarters, or eleven quarters)
  • Physically
    • Four students = one whole; get into groups to show 2 ¾ (two groups of four students and one group of three students)

This could then be taken one step further to include representations connected to other curricular outcomes, such as decimals and percents.

            Ex: 2.75, 275%

Considering mathematics as a human endeavour, representing thinking in a variety of ways leaves a lot of room for students to connect on a level that is personally and culturally relevant. Indigenous activities related to beadwork or blanket designs lend themselves nicely to this concept (ex: describing the number of beads of a certain colour using a fractional value).

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