What do I need to know about Secondary Pathways in High School?1

The Ministry recommends that students enrol in both Grade 10 courses (Workplace and Apprenticeship 10 and the Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-calculus 10). This will allow students to identify the math that is most suitable for them as well as allow students to complete any single pathway in one year.

All three pathways offer courses at the Grade 10, 11 and 12 levels. Each pathway is developed to the same level of rigour, one is not harder or easier than another. Think of the math pathways like the sciences in grades 11 and 12. There is no intended hierarchy among biology, chemistry and physics. Similarly, there is no hierarchy among Workplace and Apprenticeship, Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-calculus. They are different types of mathematics for different purposes.

Students MUST NOT be routed into any pathway based on their math ability. Students choose the appropriate math pathway(s) based on what they currently believe will best meet their interests and needs after high school. Schools can support students to come to better understand which pathway(s) is the best fit for their future plans.


Can a student take more than one pathway? What if a student decides to change pathways?

Yes. Students taking more than one pathway will receive credits for all courses taken. Students can change pathways but must have the correct pre-requisites in place. In order to take any Grade 11 course, the student must have the prerequisite Grade 10 course from that pathway; similarly, in order to take any Grade 12 course, the student must have the prerequisite Grade 11 course from that pathway.

Can students take Pre-Calculus 30 at the same time as Calculus 30?

Pre-Calculus 30 is a prerequisite for Calculus 30 and should be completed before taking Calculus 30.

What do the students who require modified math take?

Policy and Procedures for Locally Modified Courses of Study will assist school division personnel in the development and implementation of Locally Modified Courses of Study. School divisions must apply to the Ministry of Education for approval for modified programming. There are no modified options for students prior to Grade 10. Student diversity exists in every classroom at every level. For information on accommodating student needs, for remediation, support, enrichment or extension, teachers should consult the document Adaptive Dimension in Core Curriculum. (French Version)

What are the post-secondary mathematics entrance requirements?

It is best to go directly to the post-secondary institutions themselves for updated requirements.

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