Student Support Services Teachers and Their Collaborative Roles.5

Student support services teachers perform an array of collaborative roles, such as those identified below, in order to assist classroom teachers and provide instructional support to students.

Position/Designation Suggested Roles
A Learning Support Coach Provides indirect support to targeted students through direct consultation with the classroom teacher.
A Co-Teacher Co-plans and co-teaches with the classroom teacher in a classroom context 
A Peer Collaborator Works together with the classroom teacher to solve a problem or develop a plan of support.
A Supportive Teacher (Learning Support) Provides direct instruction or support to individual students or groups of students.
A Interventionist Works within school-wide models (e.g. Response to Intervention and/or Instruction; School-wide Positive Behaviour Supports) to provide support at multiple levels and across multiple settings.

1Government of Saskatchewan, Actualizing a Needs-Based Model, 2015.

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